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Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics

Shift Valve with Media Separation


Project Description

  Bild 1: Concept of the shift valve

  Video 1: Shifting of a prototype created by the HSG-IMAT

In many technical areas shift valves are used to control fluid flow. One important aspect for some applications of shift valves is media separation, meaning that there is no contact between the environment and the fluid inside the valve. This is important, e.g. in cases where the purity demands for the media are extreme or the fluid is harmful. Usually this is achieved by using deformable membranes which either block or enable the flow. The disadvantage with membrane valves is that they keep the deformed state only if energy is supplied to the system which makes them less attractive if this position must be maintained for long times. In this project both numerical and experimental investigations are performed.

The IGF 341 ZN research project is funded within the program of promoting "pre-competitive joint research (IGF)" by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology BMWi and carried out under the umbrella of the German Federation of Industrial Co-operative Research Associations (AiF). This project is executed in cooporation with the HSG-IMAT.