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Dr. Osama Abuzeid

Address Dr. Osama Abuzeid
Mechanical Engineering Dept.
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
University of Jordan
P.O.Box: 13544
Office Mechanical Engineering Dept.
+962 6 5355000 ext 2877
+962 6 5355588

Fields of Research

  • Contact of rough surfaces using Fractal geometry and different constitutive relations
  • Vibrations and Crack identification
  • Fracture and Solid Mechanics


  • O.O.Badran, O.M. Abuzeid, H.A.Al-Shoubaki, T.Al-Haddid, and M.Al-Rimawi, (2001): Effect of shot peening on chloride stress corrosion cracking resistance of 304 stainless steel. Proc. 1st Int Industrial Engg. Conf., Amman, Jordan.
  • Abuzeid,O. (2002): Fractal model for a linear thermoelastic contact between flat rough surfaces based on Cantor structure. Proc. 6th Int. Conf. Production Engineering and Design for Development, Cairo, Egypt, pp.887-903.
  • Dado,M.H.F. and Abuzeid,O. (2003): Coupled transverse and axial vibratory behavior of cracked beam with end mass and rotary inertia, J. Sound and Vibration, vol 261(4), pp.675-696.
  • Abuzeid,O.(2003): Linear viscoelastic creep model for the contact of nominal flat surfaces based on fractal geometry: Maxwell type medium, Dirasat, vol.30(1), pp. 22-36.
  • Abuzeid,O.(2003): A linear thermo-viscoelastic creep model for the contact of nominal flat surfaces based on fractal geometry: Kelvin-Voigt medium, J. Quality in Maintenance Engg., vol. 9(2), pp. 202-216.
  • Abuzeid, O.(2004): A linear viscoelastic creep-contact model for a flat fractal surface: Kelvin-Voigt medium. Accepted for publication in Journal of Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, To appear in Dec. 2004.
  • Dado,M., Al-Sadder, and Abuzeid,O.(2004): Post-buckling behavior of two elastica columns linked with a rotating spring, Int. J. non-linear Mech., vol. 39(10), pp. 1579-1587.
  • Abuzeid,O.M. and Dado,M.H.F. (2004): Fractal model to predict the crack roughness effect on the local bending compliance of circular shafts, Int.J. Mechanical Sciences, vol. 46(5), pp.695-702.
  • Alsabbagh,A.S.Y. and Abuzeid,O.(2004): Simplified stress correction factor to study the dynamic behavior of a cracked beam, Submitted to J. Quality in Maintenance Engg.
  • Hamdan,M.N., Abuzeid,O. and Al-Salaymeh,A. (2004): Beam model for analysis of edge type settlement of unanchored liquid storage tanks, 5th Jordanian Int. Mech. Engg. Conf., JIMEC 2004.
  • Hamdan,M.N., Abuzeid,O. and Al-Salaymeh,A. (2004): Assessment of an edge type settlement of above ground liquid storage tanks using simple beam model, Submitted to Int. J. Mechanical Sciences.