The International Association for Multibody System Dynamics - IMSD

The International Association for Multibody System Dynamics is a successor to the Joint International Conference on Multibody System Dynamics formed on May 26, 2010. It is the essential mission of the Association, to establish biannual international conferences on multibody system dynamics that address computational mechanics, nonlinear dynamics and control design; to foster research on the dynamics of multibody systems and related fields; and to promote international cooperation between scientists and engineers in industry.

The IMSD conference is a biannual series that serves as a meeting point for the international multibody community and provides an opportunity to exchange high-level, current information on the theory and applications of multibody systems. As a rapidly growing branch of mechanical dynamics, Multibody System Dynamics is seeing more and more use, and is becoming increasingly important in the development of complex engineered systems. The continual new challenges faced by the IMSD community demand productive conference forums where ideas are freely exchanged and a spirit of cooperation is encouraged.

The International Steering Committee is taking care of the businesses of the organisation. It consists of a chair person, a vice chair person, a recording secretary and 9-12 more members. The members are mentioned here. The rules of organisation and proceedings are described in the bylaws which can be found here.

IMSD was accepted August 29, 2014 by the IUTAM General Assembly as an Affiliated Organization in IUTAM, the International Union for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. The cooperation between IMSD and Springer, the publisher of the journal 'Multibody System Dynamics', was confirmed on October 30, 2014.