Authors' Instructions

Abstract Preparation

LaTeX and Microsoft Word templates to prepare the abstract are available as zip archives. The instructions are included in the templates.

Abstract Submission

Please upload your abstract before December 4, 2017December 18, 2017 as zip archive containing all necessary source files using your account on the conference web page login.

Full Paper

The proceedings will be published in the IUTAM Bookseries by Springer. The article should be 8 to 10 pages in length per contribution, and all papers will be peer-reviewed to ensure a high quality of the IUTAM Bookseries. Full papers will only be published if the work has been presented at the Symposium. LaTeX and Microsoft Word templates to prepare the full paper are available as zip archives. Note that the templates are only inteneded to structure the contribution. The final layout will be created by Springer!

Further instructions can be found in Springer guide for authors.

Full Paper Submission

The submission of full papers is due by July 20, 2018>. If everything proceeds well, you will receive access to the proceedings book late in the year. It should be emphasized that submission of a full paper is highly appreciated but not mandatory for your presentation. A short email intending the submission of a full paper is highly appreciated. In order to submit your full paper files, please login.


Each talk will be 25 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion. A Windows 7 notebook with Microsoft Office Professional 2013 and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2018 will be available in the lecture hall. You may use your own computer instead. An overhead projector for printed slides and a blackboard will be available as well.


Posters will be presented and introduced during the Symposium reception in the IBZ Eulenhof at Tue, May 22. There is a special session before in which you may introduce your poster with a short presentation of two minutes. Please make sure to stand close by your poster during the welcome reception. This will give you the chance to discuss and explain your poster. Afterwards, all posters will be displayed from Wednesday morning until Friday afternoon at the conference location. Please hand in your printed poster the latest on Tuesday (22 May 2018) 4 pm to the conference desk. We will put up your poster for you.

The poster size is A0 portrait (width x height = 84.1 cm x 118.9 cm)

Delegates presenting posters are kindly requested to send 2-3 slides for the flash presentation before May 17th to Benjamin Fröhlich ( or These slides may contain a brief summary of your work with images, text, equations and animations or effects. However, the animations should run in an automatic fashion since the presentation will be operated by the chairman. These slides will be included in an overall PowerPoint presentation of the session. If we have not received the slide by that day, then a blank slide with the title and presenter of the poster will be displayed in your slot.