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Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics

Multibody Systems

- Flexible Multibody Systems
- Model reduction in flexible multibody dynamics
- Dynamic Simulation of Elastic Gears
- Modeling and Feed-Forward Control Design for Flexible Multibody Systems with Environment Contact
- Modular, Autonomous Adaptive Compensation of Vibrations in Machine Tools with Truss Structures
- Shift Valve with Media Separation
- Model-based Identification and Suppression of Static and Dynamic Aberrations in High Performance Optics
- Topology Optimization of Multibody Systems
- Structural Optimization based on Damage Values
- Development of Energy-Saving Transfemoral Prostheses
- Real-Time Simulation of Multibody Systems in a Virtual Reality Environment
- Analysis of friction-excited elastic multibody systems with uncertainties
- Stability Analysis of Machining Processes with Varying Dynamics
- Software Neweul-M²
- Software MOREMBS
- Journal Multibody System Dynamics