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unilogo University of Stuttgart
Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics

Concluded Research Projects

- Contact Problems in Machine Dynamics
- Frictional Contact Algorithms for Elastic Multibody Systems
- Rotordynamics of Elastic Wheelsets under Consideration of Contact Mechanics, Unround Wheels
- Human Body Models with Dynamic Contacts
- Global Optimization of Structures and Control Systems
- Optimization of Robots with Parallel Kinematics under Thermal Load
- Simulation and Experiments to Investigate Break Squeal
- Object Oriented Data Model for Mechatronic Systems
- Longitudinal and Lateral Control of a Vehicle Convoy
- Modulare Modelling and Simulation of Hydraulic Components in Travelling Gear
- System Dynamic and Stability of Radialelastic Wheels
- Biped Walking Machines
- Computersimulation of Middle Ear Protheses
- Oscillations of Synchronous AC-Motors
- Simulatorcoupling for Mechatronic Systems
- Power Demand of Actively Controlled Mechanical Systems
- Parallelization of Methods for the Description of Granular Media
- Polygonal Contact Model for Flexible Multibody Systems
- Linear Complementarity Problems for Continual Contact of Deformable Bodies
- Contact Modeling of Meshing Gear Wheels Considering Elasticities between Teeth and Gear Wheel Body
- Impact of Planar Deformable Bodies Solved by Linear Complementarity Problems on Position Level
- Investigation of the Influence of the Dynamics of Parallel Kinematic Machine Tools on the Stability of High Speed Machining Processes
- Dynamic Simulation of the Screening Process in a Tumbling Screening Machine
- Motorcycle Dynamics
- Biomechanical Investigation of Head and Legs
- Simulation-Based Analysis of Dynamic Stability of Milling Processes
for Systems with Varying Dynamic Behavior
- Investigation of Granular Processes in Consideration of Particle Fracture
- Real-time Capable Synchronization Model
- Structural Optimization based on Damage Values
- Analysis, Control and Optimization of Underactuated Multibody Systems
- Analysis of friction-excited elastic multibody systems with uncertainties